Pearl Statement Necklace with Blue Agate


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Pearl Necklace Beaded Necklace Statement Necklace Boho Pearl Necklace Bead Necklace Romantic Necklace Bohemian Necklace Protection Necklace

The unusual beauty necklace with real pearls and blue agate looks luxuries.
Fresh and clean combination of colors makes this jewelry the main thing in your look.
I made this gorgeous pearl necklace with love and inspiration.
There are natural stones that have magical and healing properties.
Pearls will balance and heal all chakras. It assist in the search for higher wisdom and truth, absorbing negative energy from one who wears it, then help one to see and deal with the truth of self.
Directly associated with the 3rd, Sacral Chakra and 7th Crown Chakra.
Banded Agate is for the throat chakra its colour is light blue and promotes creative analysis and problem solving. Banded Agate promotes creative expression of all types especially for decorating and acting, it enhances the ability to create a sacred space. It gives you the courage to uphold and defend your convictions.



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