Agate Statement Necklace


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Agate Statement Necklace

A playful necklace with a lot of dynamic pendants with beads while wearing makes a pleasant rustle,
like the rustling of leaves.
Greenish shades are reminiscent of spring and summer.
This author’s necklace emphasizes the shades of eyes and skin and draws attention to the décolleté,
creating an unforgettable accent in the image.
I Made this Gorgeous Necklace with Love and Inspiration.

There are natural stones that have magical and healing properties.
Banded Agate is for the throat chakra its colour is light blue and promotes creative analysis and problem solving.
Banded Agate promotes creative expression of all types especially for decorating and acting, it enhances the ability to create a sacred space. It gives you the courage to uphold and defend your convictions.


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